One Year in New York

This day last year, we said goodbye to life as we knew it in North Carolina and landed in New York. We’d only been married 8 days, and I’d never even stepped foot in Brooklyn before.

A question I get a lot is, “So… do you like living in New York?” and my answer is usually something like, “…Yeah! Well, it really depends on the day.” I heard it when I moved here, and it couldn’t be more true: when you live here, you end up having a love-hate relationship with this city.

New York is seeing downtown Manhattan from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade on the first day.

New York is not leaving our Downtown Brooklyn hotel room for an entire day and still being proud of not having a freak out.

New York is buying a notebook to write down subway instructions since you don’t have a smart phone.

New York is being surrounded by people but knowing no one.

New York is changing your perspective so that it seems like a “good deal” even when your rent is 2.5x your old rent.

New York is diversity. It’s being the only person who looks like you on your subway car.

New York is thinking you’d have a lot more friends at 6 weeks and praying for one.

New York is your jeans getting soaked up to the knees on a rainy day.

New York is history.

New York is meeting your new neighbors on the roof.

New York is waiting in a grocery line that wraps around the store and then carrying 45 pounds of groceries home.

New York is not being “new” anymore after 3 months, because there are always newer people moving here.

New York is the beauty of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset.

New York is the small satisfaction of mastering the subway system.

New York is walking. Every day. Any weather. Carrying any load.

New York is being crammed into a subway car with 150 people and everyone pretending that no one else exists.

New York is a new adventure and new stories everyday.

New York challenges what you thought you knew. It pushes you and grows you.

New York is having every option of cuisine available and still not being able to make a decision.

New York is having an awesome view of the city from your office, but being too busy to look out and see it.

New York is having Broadway shows 30 minutes away on the subway and the flexibility to get cheap day-of seats.

New York is people flocking to Prospect Park on a chilly, 58-degree day in shorts because … winter is over.

photo (6)The past year has been one of the hardest I’ve had, but also one of the most rich times of growth. My life in Raleigh was defined by busyness, and it’s ironic that I had to move to “The City That Never Sleeps” to, well, sleep. I’ve been forced to slow down a little bit and be okay with being alone. As much as people thought we were crazy for lumping new jobs, a new marriage, and a new city into one transition, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think moving right when we got married was the best thing we could have done because it forced us to truly rely on each other and God in every sense of what that means.

This morning, Logan and I congratulated each other on our first year here.

I’m so glad we’re on this end of it.

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