Bringing Home the Bacon

In honor of my very first payday at my new job, I thought I’d share a little bit about being a working girl in the big apple.

Disclaimer: very little of this will have to do with my actual work. If you’d like details about my actual job, please ask!

photo (1)

This is not my office. This is the view from our break room.

THE OFFICE: I work on the 37th floor of a building on Park Avenue. That puts me about four floors above the tallest building in my hometown, Raleigh. From our office, you can see the East River, Hudson River, downtown, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Empire State Building. I love the view!!!! Can’t wait for some clearer skies.

With working so far up comes my normal paranoia about disasters. I check my water glass at least five times a day to see if the water is shaking from an earthquake. What would we do if the power went out?? What if a plane hit a nearby building?? These are all normal, healthy thoughts… right?

CO-WORKERS: Everyone is nice and welcoming, but my favorite new coworker would have to be Sammy, the golden retriever. Don’t tell Peaches. Maybe I can convince them to have cats in the office, too?

THE COMMUTE: I now spend about an hour underground everyday. No cell phone service. No internet. Just me and the other 175 people crammed into the subway car. I spent the first week’s commute being super productive and playing solitaire. This week, I’ve started reading a chapter of a book each morning on my Kindle (aka, Kindle app on my iPhone). Sometimes it’s too crammed to actually hold on and read, so then you just try to find a space without a person to stare into.

Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 10.30.37 PMOh, and for anyone that’s a nerd like me and cares, I take the 2/3 to the 4/5 to the 6. At least the multiple transfers keep things exciting. The second two legs of my journey are on the busiest subway line in the city. The 4/5/6 Lexington Ave line is the most-used rapid transit system in the country and carries 1.3 million people daily! That is more than all of San Francisco and Chicago’s public transit combined (Thank you, Wikipedia). I guess I’ll be making a lot of new friends.

You can watch my little attempt at a Vine video here.

My absolute favorite part of my new commute is the first 8 minutes… walking with Logan until we have to part ways. So romantic.

Seamless Food DeliveryTEMPTATION: My office orders from Seamless every single day. This is a website where you can order food from nearby restaurants and have it delivered. DANGER ZONE. At least at my old job, you’d have to get over the hurdles of a) being too lazy to leave the office, or b) asking someone to bring you something back, dealing with the hassle of money, inconveniencing them, etc. With this, everyone orders/pays separately online, and it’s delivered together. For my waistline and wallet, I’ve opted to keep the ordering-in to once a week, but it’s oh so tempting. “Oh NO! I forgot my sandwich! What ever will I do?!”

Also, there is a Crumbs bakery RIGHT across the street from my building. Get behind me, Brownie Cupcakes.

THE ABANDONED ONE: Since I’m otherwise occupied during the day now, Peaches has gone rogue, branched off, and decided to have her own personal space on the world wide web. You can check out her tumblr account here.

I’m only eight days in, but I’m loving having more structure in my life and somewhere to be each day.

If I could change one thing, I wish I got paid on Fridays so I could sing that ‘N SYNC song,  “Thank God it’s Friday night and I ju…u….u…..stttttt got PAID!”

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One Response to Bringing Home the Bacon

  1. Monie Davis says:

    Emily, it had been too long since I logged in to ready your blog. You inspire me and make me laugh; I need a regular fix so don’t stop! Hugs to both you and Logan.

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