Nine Months & Random Musings

Tricky title, eh? You thought I was pregnant, didn’t you?

Day 1... and 274 days ago.

274 days ago on our first day in Brooklyn. Married eight days. Brand new to NYC and clueless.

I’m not pregnant (sorry Mom!), but it IS February 4th, which means we are quickly approaching the nine-month mark of living in NYC. How did that happen?

One of my dear friends, Kim, told me (when I was wallowing at month three) that it always takes her nine months before she really feels settled somewhere.  I can say that’s pretty true. I think it might have happened a little sooner actually, but I can say that this feels normal now.

I don’t have a super specific reason for this post, but just a few random thoughts I’ve had as of late.

1) Brooklyn is a black hole for country music. My husband definitely disagrees with this statement and blasts country as often as possible, but I just can’t do it. I remember our first week here, working on freelance and trying to listen to Lady Antebellum, and I had to turn it off because it made me so sad. Here’s the thing… to me, country music is what I listen to in my car with the windows down. Driving down to the beach. Driving home from work. It’s just not the same here. I have no car. I have no windows to put down. And no country lyrics apply to my life here. It’s terrible. Out of all of the events at the arena where Logan works, not a single one is country. I mean, can we please get some Sugarland? Lady A? Taylor?

The only little ray of sunshine I’ve seen in this area is The Lone Bellow‘s new CD. This is a Brooklyn band that just released their first album and is about about to go on tour.  Thank goodness for a country(ish) song with the lyrics, “We are broke in New York City, the F train takes us home.” At last, a little bit of country that makes sense in my world!


Pretty snow from our bedroom window.

Pretty snow from our bedroom window.

2) I like snow. I know, this is shocking. I loathed snow in North Carolina. It was pretty for maybe 2.5 hours, but after that, it just ruined plans, schedules, and safety. My hatred might have had something to do with the fact that I spun off the road on black ice once and could have died, but… that’s a story for another day.

It’s totally different here. Snow doesn’t stop society. I can finally appreciate its beauty instead of being irritated by the inconvenience. The best part is that I never have to worry about driving on it! But, I do have to worry about walking on it, which I haven’t quite gotten the hang of. Yesterday, there was snow on the ground, so I tied up my snow boots for church, and Logan wore normal shoes.

Check out these beauties.

Check out these beauties.

Logan: You know, those don’t have much more traction than your other boots.
Emily: I think they do, look!

Stopped to make him look at my tread even though we were already late to church.

Logan: Oh, okay.
Emily: Aren’t you worried about slipping??
Logan: No, I just walk gingerly.

Later, after church and the snow had completely melted, I’m the only idiot in town wearing snow boots on the dry sidewalks.

Emily: So… how do you determine whether or not to wear snow boots?
Logan: It’s more about the depth of the snow. If it’s only deep enough to touch the sole of my shoe, I wear normal shoes. I only wear snow boots if it’s deep enough that my feet would get wet. It’s more about warmth and staying dry.
Emily: Oh! That makes sense.
Emily: … Can we walk slower? These things are heavy.

I’m glad that my Nebraskan husband can enlighten me on this lifestyle.


3) I’m really glad that Logan works at Barclays Center and not the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Logan is in charge of lights, video, sound, and all things event presentation at the arena where he works. When I go to events, I live in a tiny bit of fear that a) something is going to go wrong technologically, and b) Logan is going to put me on the big screen (which he did once, and I was way too involved in a conversation to even notice. Woops!).  I can’t imagine sitting at an event with the lights going off for 34 minutes and freaking out about what was going on upstairs in the control room. Yikes. I hope that guy has his job today!


Well, Mama Bucci is arriving in a few hours, and I haven’t showered or cleaned. She forbid me from cleaning for her visit.

Moms are the best.

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2 Responses to Nine Months & Random Musings

  1. Gayle Pumpelly says:

    I love your States that touch. I am quite sure I would have done exactly as you did for the snow boots and I can totally agree with you about the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. So glad you Mom is going to be there. Tell her hello for me and hug each other for me. Love and Hugs, Gayle

  2. Kim says:

    So glad to hear you’re starting to settle in. Even for the super social, moving to a brand new place — especially one so different from the landscape you’re used to — can be stressful. I can’t imagine making that kind of move again. Twice was enough for me! Enjoy your visit with Mama Bucci! P.S. Need more Peaches pics.

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