Living the Dream as a Tri-State Resident

It’s about time I actually posted something about states that touch, eh??

Amidst all of the excitement, adjustment, and chaos … I’ve totally neglected a glaring point that is of utmost importance to this blog. I currently live (driving) about 7.5* miles from New Jersey, 36* miles from Connecticut, and 77* miles from Pennsylvania [*all of these values are based on my arbitrary eyeball estimates on Google Maps].

I could have never dreamed of being this close to so many other states at once while I was living in North Carolina. Frankly, I’m not sure how I sleep at night. Oh wait, maybe that’s our new, highly vocal cat (name TBD).

The feline formerly known as Maria. Her previous name incited one too many broadway musical numbers.

In my three months here, I’ve had a few highly memorable state-touching days.

This is not a photo of us. It is from the River Country website. I didn’t want to get my phone or camera wet, clearly.

1) Tubing: We went with a friend of ours and her crew tubing down the Delaware River. Not only did this day include driving from New York, through New Jersey, to Pennslyvania, but we actually tubed ON the border for at least three hours. Right when I thought standing at roadside border signs was the epitome of state-touching goodness, I realized I totally forgot about RIVERS. It’s genius.

2) Outlet shopping: Yesterday I went outlet shopping.  In order to get to this outlet mall in New York, we had to drive out of NY, through New Jersey, and back into New York.

3) Staten Island Ferry: Okay. I might be dreaming this one, and I need to do some research. BUT, while I was riding the Staten Island Ferry, I (obviously) pulled out my trusty iPhone to watch that faithful green dot on the map. What!? What is that I see?? The green dot is following the New York/New Jersey border perfectly. Could it be true? Does the Staten Island Ferry run ON the state line?? 

I can’t wait to see how many states we manage to visit while we live here. Rhode Island? Vermont? Maine? The sky is the limit!

Actually … Canada is the limit, unless we bring our passports.


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One Response to Living the Dream as a Tri-State Resident

  1. Gayle Pumpelly says:

    Emily; You are such a positive person and I love reading all about your memorable days. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading about each adventure and I have learned a lot too.

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