Two Months in Brooklyn: President Obama, Visitors, & Coney Island

Today marks exactly two months of living in Brooklyn! It actually feels like a lot longer, probably since we’ve done so much in the past two months!

Overall, it has been a wonderful month of just settling in.

I love our new neighborhood (Park Slope) and just figuring out life here. I also love googling which famous people have lived and still live here. Barack Obama lived on our exact same street right after he graduated college in the 1980s!


Logan and I had a great 4th of July at Coney Island followed by watching the Macy’s fireworks show from our roof.

I was very blessed to have both my mom and my sister come to visit and experience our new surroundings.

Although I have my disgruntled moments with how difficult the little things seem to be here, I am really loving living in this new city and building our marriage with only each other to depend on.

Let’s revisit my goals for the past month and see how I did:

  1. Move into our apartment. 

    We moved into our place on June 9th! Thank goodness for movers, that’s all I’m saying. We have slowly gotten unpacked and more settled. We got AC after the first week, my wonderful mom came to visit and helped us unpack/organize, and now we’re just waiting on our couch to arrive and need to hang some stuff on the walls! Almost there.

  2. Start the process of looking for a job.

    I didn’t meet this one, unless you count casually perusing craigslist amidst trying to accomplish 1,000 other things. This goal will have to move to month three. Thank goodness that I’m still working part time for my old company!! It’s such a blessing to have a flexible job right now.

  3. Make one new friend that I didn’t know before.

    This goal has been met over and above. We’ve met two couples on our floor that are a blast, and both of those women are also at home during the days. Through a very distant connection, I met another newlywed and newcomer to Brooklyn. It’s fun to have someone to do the post-wedding things with… like make a morning out of Crate & Barrel and Bed Bath & Beyond returns! I joined a small group of girls that live all over NYC and go to all different churches in reading a book over the summer. I’m definitely a girls girl at heart, so it’s nice to be starting some friendships here!

  4. Buy one hipster item.

    I thought this dress was kind of hipsterish when paired with my red Toms, but my sister and hubs said I probably need some sort of accessory. You know, like giant glasses or a scarf (in July).

    Maybe I should just stick to classic, Southern girl.

    How about that awesome fluorescent, Subway station lighting in this photo??

  5. Ride the Staten Island ferry.

    YES!! Such a beautiful view! And you can’t beat FREE.

  6. Legally change my name to Emily Bucci Meier.

    Well, it depends where you look.

    My Social Security card says Emily Bucci Meier. My future driver’s license will say Emily Lynn Meier, because New York won’t accept a maiden name as a middle name unless you jump through a lot of hoops (which I conveniently realized after 3.5 hours at the DMV yesterday). So I’m not actually sure what my legal name is right now!

  7. Open wedding gifts
  8. Start writing thank you notes (oh dear).

    EEK! What’s the rule again? Six months??

Goals for month three:

  1. Start the process of looking for a job.
  2. Get a cute interview outfit. Cute is a must.
  3. Start writing thank-you notes.
  4. No Box Left Behind (find a spot for the things in the few remaining boxes).
  5. Bake something new using my shiny, new KitchenAid.
  6. Finish the third Hunger Games book. Very important.
  7. Get a job being the only kind person at the DMV. Just kidding, I wouldn’t last one day.
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4 Responses to Two Months in Brooklyn: President Obama, Visitors, & Coney Island

  1. Gayle Pumpelly says:

    Emily; I love seeing all the wonderful pictures and reading all about your life there. You just can’t imagine how much I enjoy keeping up with everything.

  2. Danielle says:

    I might sound like a mom (well heck, I am a mom!) but I am very proud of you for embracing all of your new experiences in NYC and especially for accomplishing your goal of meeting new friends!! I have loved following along with you here and and on Facebook. : )

  3. I, for one, adore the toms. And I especially love that they’re red now that I’m officially a graduate of NC State. 🙂

    I miss you like whoa. Glad you’re adjusting well!

  4. Cherrise says:

    I don’t know how I missed this blog but enjoyed the pics of your new surroundings. Love the toms with your dress.

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