A Day in The Life: Laundry Workout Plan

Hello everyone! I’ve finally emerged from under the boxes. We’ve been in our place for just over two weeks now, and it’s finally starting to feel settled.

My husband has always tried to encourage me to be more active, just for the sake of being healthy and taking care of myself (a no brainer, right?). Working out has never really been my activity of choice. Why work out when you could bake brownies?

Anyway, so I’m starting to think that him moving me here to NYC was also a secret ploy to make me more active by default. Let’s just say that it worked. The newlywed 20 might just be offset by the big four (flights of stairs to our walk-up apartment, that is)…and the fact that you walk everywhere and carry everything you buy.

One of my favorite new workouts is doing laundry. It goes something like this…

1) Empty the family piggy bank to separate quarters from the rest of the coins. You are going to need a lot.

2) Gather the family laundry load into laundry bags and then into the family vehicle: a utility cart. Take a few deep breaths at the top of the stairs to prepare for what is yet to come: taking the cart step by step down 4 flights (8 half-flights) of stairs.

3) Ten minutes later, rejoice that you’ve made it to the bottom. Hooray, we’re at the bottom, little cart!

4) Oh no, not too fast on the party. We’ve got more stairs to conquer. Down we go.

5) Ah! Smooth sailing now. Just a little quarter-mile stroll to the laundromat!


The cart feels a little slighted that there are no signs for people with their carts (above)

Just waiting patiently at the cross walk (top right)

Rolling down a street of brownstones (right)


6) We’re here! The neighborhood laundromat.

7) First things first: the wash cycle. A normal-sized washer is only 16 quarters per load ($4.00), and a smaller washer is only 10 ($2.50). Bargains all around.

8) Time to dry! One quarter will get you 7 minutes.

9) Folding time! I hope you don’t mind folding all of your personal items in front of complete strangers. I really should have gone to that Pinterest link on how to fold fitted sheets.

10) After you’ve folded all of your loads and packed them back into the laundry bags and into the cart, you’re on your way. Note “hang to dry” clothes draped across top.

So this is why they call it Park Slope—the uphill slope!

11) Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses on your quarter-mile walk home.

12) Arrive back to your building and remember the crowning glory of this process: hoisting the laundry back up to your 4th-floor apartment.

Hooray! We made it!

13) Rejoice when you are putting away the laundry and hear a downpour outside just minutes after you got home. That was a close one.

Two and a half hours later, my workout is done.

Where should we go next, little cart? Target on the subway? Groceries?

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6 Responses to A Day in The Life: Laundry Workout Plan

  1. Booch :) says:

    This is soo funny! But I can totally relate to your workout plan now!! I felt guilty doing my laundry right upstairs this morn. 😉 Glad you stopped to smell that pink rose!! 🙂

  2. Kylie Kohler says:

    OMG!!! This is absolutely hilarious! You always give me a good laugh with your postings and such! Thank you for that! It honestly makes my day a little brighter! 🙂 I am only here for eight more days, and would like to visit you in your new apartment before than!! Amber is actually in Omaha (home) right now, so it’s been even quieter around the apartment! Hope you see you soon!

  3. Emily, you are an amazing writer! Your pictures and comments just make me laugh. Your writing always puts a smile on my face. I really think you should reconsider this career thing. Humoristic journalism is knocking at your door. Love, Auntie Linda

  4. Gayle Pumpelly says:

    Emily; I so enjoy your pictures and comments. I look forward to each one. You have so beautifully handled your move and along the way you have kept us all laughing.
    Gayle Pumpelly

  5. "the other" Emily says:

    Love it! I want to know what the people passing by thought of you stopping on every corner to snap a picture of your laundry cart. I’m glad you did, because I loved having a visual of the whole process. I guess you won’t be waiting to do your laundry every 3 weeks since it might weigh too much to carry it up and down the stairs!

  6. Monie Davis says:

    I applaud your workout routine and feel guilty dreading mine! Keep sharing, Emily! I love it!

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