One Month in Brooklyn: Top Six

That’s right, folks. We have been residents of New York City for one month now. I mean “residents” very loosely since I still don’t have my NY license, but you get my drift.

I’ll never forget the feeling I had that first day Logan and I walked around downtown Brooklyn. It was exciting, but I was really intimidated and had a death grip on his hand. There were so many PEOPLE! People everywhere! The first day he went to work, I didn’t even leave the hotel room!

After a month, I can honestly say I feel pretty comfortable here. I’ve figured some things out, developed some routines, and now the constant influx of people is just my new normal. It’s weird how quickly you can get used to something.

My top six musings about NYC life so far:

1) No matter how fast or slow you are walking, no one around you will ever want to walk the same pace. They are either walking slowly (in your way) or faster (and you get that anxious feeling as you hear their footsteps gaining on you…tap… tap … tap TAP TAP TAP!!!).

2) Everyone rides the subway. This might seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised. A few examples to explain my point: a) Sick people – They might even throw up and then it travels down the floor as the train moves. b) Obnoxious high schoolers – They like to illegally and dangerously ride between the cars at 1:00 in the morning and fuel my decision to never have a a child. Sorry, Mom. c) Massage therapists – Yes, and they carry their gigantic folding tables with them.

3) I will never, ever be at a loss for interesting food. This is one really awesome thing about living here. The days of “Well…should we eat at Brixx or Panera in Brier Creek?” are over. We’re mostly trying to be economical (come on, we met in Dave Ramsey class) and eat in, but it’s so fun to try new restaurants.

4) New York is a challenging place to live if you are paranoid. In case you didn’t know, I tend to err on the side of caution (I used to get nervous walking out to my car if I was the last one at work, and let’s be real—that was in CARY). I find it a little hard to relax sometimes. I don’t understand how people walk around with earphones in all of the time. What if there is an emergency?? What if someone is shouting your name? What if there is a thunderstorm?? What if someone attacks you from behind?? Which brings me to point #5…

5) Never watch the news. And definitely never, ever google things like “subway attacks” out of curiosity. New York is (duh) a densely populated area. Brooklyn itself would be the 4th largest city in the United States by population. There are good areas and bad areas, but you hear about all of the horrible things on the news. I bet the crime per capita isn’t that much different than your typical city, but here it just sounds like a lot more. The news is depressing. Don’t watch it. (I probably still will.)

He hates this photo, but I think it’s really hot.

6) I have the best husband in the world. I know that isn’t necessarily a New York musing, but he’s really amazing. He very delicately handles the mood swings that come with me having moved away for the first time  (“I love it here!” (10 second pause) “I’m lonely!”). I feel so unbelievably blessed that we get to have this adventure as newlyweds.

And that we can tell our kids, “Yeah…we got married and moved to NYC one week later! We were crazy!”

A few goals for month two:

  1. Move into our apartment (Saturday!!!!!).
  2. Start the process of looking for a job.
  3. Make one new friend that I didn’t know before.
  4. Buy one hipster item.
  5. Ride the Staten Island ferry.
  6. Legally change my name to Emily Bucci Meier.
  7. Open wedding gifts and…
  8. Start writing thank you notes (oh dear).

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8 Responses to One Month in Brooklyn: Top Six

  1. Danielle says:

    Love this post Emily! So very proud of you for venturing out in a place that I know can be so intimidating!

    Dr. Swick

  2. Stinerbean says:

    Economical food–New Wonton Garden in Chinatown. Means a trip to Manhattan, but being 2 being able to eat for $12 makes it worth it. Even so, for goodness sake, don’t order anything that doesn’t come in a soup. Stick to noodles and such, ..or blech.

  3. julmarie says:

    “Buy one hipster item.” 🙂

  4. A few things…

    A. I watch New York 4 sometimes because we get it on our dish… weird I know. But now I watch it because I want to make sure you didn’t get abducted or shot.
    B. I think that pic of LoLo is hysterical.
    C. Do you see fancy ladies in heels clip clopping their way around the street like they do on TV? Or are most of the people normal/practical and pack their heels in their totes and wear flats while on the go? Rain boots?
    D. In regards to Goal #3, you can make new friends… but I secretly hope they aren’t nearly as spiffy and Nikki and me.

    Sincerely (I’m sorry I just wrote a list on your blog),

  5. Cat says:

    I just thougt to myself without really thinking that I should help you move, but then remembered I’m an idiot and you live in NY (duh, that’s what the post is about). Also, I agree with Brittany’s letter D about your #3, and also ask that it is not an Asian person, I would like to be your #1 Asian. 🙂

  6. Cherrise says:

    Love your new blog. Wondering what the hipster item will be??? Love you!!

  7. Booch :) says:

    Um… great update…BUT we must discuss musing #2b!!! (call me! haha!) 🙂

  8. Sarah Der says:

    omg WHATEVER LOGAN. You can tell him that his photographer agrees he looks like a hot tamale in that photo. I love the B+W version of it! Sending calm and safe vibes your way, E! I love reading your updates!

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