Boroughs That Touch

Hello lovely readers. I’m back from my engagement hiatus with lots of news.

First of all, I’m now a married woman. I’m going to have to adjust from being at the beginning of the alphabet (Bucci) to the middle of the alphabet (Meier), but I’ve heard that with marriage comes adjustment, so I think I can deal. In all seriousness, I married my best friend and man of my dreams. I feel so blessed to have Logan as my husband. Twelve days and going strong! Woop woop!


Second of all, our wedding was so wonderful and came together just as we had planned. It was such a joy to spend that weekend with so many close friends and family. We had 15 different states and another country (Japan) represented at our wedding. That was clearly thrilling. 

Now onto the part of the post that will make the title make sense: we moved to New York City. It all happened very fast, but my new hubs got a job at a new arena here in Brooklyn. About a month before our wedding, he was offered the job, and our gears quickly shifted into planning for a move on top of the final month of wedding prep. Talk about a whirlwind six weeks!

Anyway, we are here, we have survived the wedding, honeymoon, and move, and we’re just starting to dip our baby toes into the thrashing sea that is New York. 

ImageAs for me, you can imagine my delight in figuring out all of the neighborhoods, subway routes, and boroughs and how they all come together.

I may or may not have brought my new subway map to bed with me last night for some nighttime reading. 

DISCLAIMER: My blog might begin to lean more toward my awkward life in New York than states touching, but just stay with me. I’ll try not to disappoint. 

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5 Responses to Boroughs That Touch

  1. And…. you’re BACK!!!!! Yay! 🙂 can’t wait to hear about all these new adventures!

  2. Booch :) says:

    I’ll bet you’ll have enough discoveries to blog daily!! 🙂

  3. if you run into bethenny i want her autograph

  4. Tina says:

    Is he working at the new Nets stadium? Because…I live right next to it. Haha.

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