Happy Blogiversary STT!!!

That’s right.  Today is the one-year anniversary of the birth of States That Touch.  I think one year of success constitutes an acronym, don’t you??

The past year has been filled with good times, hard times, and a heck of a lot of of states. In the past 12 months, I’ve visited New York, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Illinois. I’ve also touched Wisconsin and Iowa, but I don’t think I can claim those.

In honor of this special anniversary, I’ve decided to feature my top six favorite searches that brought people to my blog:

  1. “for lovers of [edited for explicit language, but rhymes with pit]”
  2. “a baby eat big watermelon”
  3. “compare feet size”
  4. “countries with odd disorder”
  5. “four corners kanada”
  6. “wisconsin’s relationship map”

Ideas for year two and beyond:

  1. A States That Touch Facebook page where people can post photos and share about the states they touch.
  2. A state-inspired wedding and honeymoon. My fiance will love that.
  3. A TLC show. Ok, that might be aiming a little high.

Any other ideas??? Thanks for a great year everyone! 

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3 Responses to Happy Blogiversary STT!!!

  1. Booch :) says:

    Congratulations on a very SUCCESSFUL first year of your blog!! 🙂 I think you should do a TLC Show and travel all around… kind of a reality type show!

  2. EmmaLee says:

    I love the cake!

  3. Wow, I can’t believe you’ve had your blog for a year now, congrats! 🙂

    And I can just see the commercials on TLC now for “States that Touch.” That’s definitely better than “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” (as if there was a competition for any show to be better than that because every one is) because she only covers one state.

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