Adventures in the Smallest State

Has it seriously been over a month since I posted on my blog?? That is pathetic, considering I have visited two (2) states since my last installment.

Two weeks ago, I traveled to New England for a little roommate adventure. We love experiencing new places, and none of us had been to Rhode Island before. I’d have to say it is an unsung hero.

First things first: I didn’t know that I had an airline partner, but I do. JetBlue is also dedicated to state-border awareness. This is evident by the handy live map on channel 13 of their DirectTV option. Each and every seat has a TV. I’m not lying when I say that getting to look at that map eased my flying nerves from the turbulence. Why would you really need the other options when you can watch the live map the whole time???

After flying into Boston, we drove straight to Rhode Island (crossing all kinds of state borders!!!! Okay, maybe just one). It was pouring rain and rush hour traffic, so we skipped the photo.

We spent two nights in Providence. What a lovely, quaint city. It almost felt European with its crazy streets and a river running through the center, complete with gondolas. Providence is the home of Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design.

The highlight of Providence would have to be Waterfire. At sunset, they light fires throughout the river. They turn off all of the streetlights so that the only light is from the fires. Music is blasted along the riverwalk and tons of people come out to enjoy the music, dancing, food, and vendors.

Our next stop was a morning in Newport, RI.

It was my first time seeing rocky coastline! There is a cliff walk along the coast where you can see mansion upon mansion. The walk runs 3.5 miles, but we only did about a mile.

We drove back to Boston that afternoon, and my kind roommate pulled off on the side of the highway, just so I could stand where Rhode Island and Massachusetts touch! You can count on me to take awkward photos across the United States.

We spent our last night hitting our favorite Boston spots and flew home early Monday morning. Thanks for showing us a wonderful weekend, New England.

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  1. it looks like you had a blast!!

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