Eastern Time Snobbery

Did you know that the Eastern Time Zone is a snob?? It’s true. 



Last week, I was attempting to be thoughtful and texted my handsome boyfriend at 3pm, knowing that the baseball game where he was working was starting at 2pm in Nebraska. I was quite pleased with myself for taking the time difference into account.

Later that night, he told me that I was late, that my text had come way after the game had started.

Excuse me!? What!? I had looked up the time online and very specifically made sure that I was texting at the correct time.

I was positive that I was right.

Then it happened again, my friends. I learned something new about our fine country and its lines and zones.

You see, even though the game was being played in the Central Time Zone, it was listed in Eastern Time online. This absolutely bewildered me, as you can imagine, so I did some research on the always-accurate Wikipedia.

I found out that Eastern Time is used as a standard for the United States because it includes the capital (Washington, D.C.), the largest city (New York, NY), and more than half of the US population! News organizations report events happening in Eastern Time, even if they occurred in another time zone, and television listings are almost always listed in EST.

Wikipedia explains, “Major professional sports leagues also post all game times in Eastern time, even if both teams are from the same time zone, outside of Eastern Time. For example a game time between two teams from Pacific Time Zone will still be posted in Eastern time (for example, one may see “Seattle at Los Angeles” with “10:00 pm” posted as the start time for the game, often without even clarifying the time is posted in Eastern time).”

Is this bizarre to anyone else???

It is still puzzling to me, but maybe it is because I am one of them: an Eastern Time snob.

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9 Responses to Eastern Time Snobbery

  1. Lori says:

    Emily- three things.
    1. Love the picture of Mean Girls to describe the time zone hand-on-hip finger snap.
    2. Hilarious that Logan points out that you were fashionably late on the game encouragement. (PS GO GAMECOCKS)
    3. I did not know these time zone facts! I have already been learned this morning! 🙂

    • emilybucci says:

      Hahaha! In Logan’s defense, I think I probably prompted him with something like, “Weren’t you impressed that I texted you at the right time!?!?” … FAIL.

  2. James Shaw says:

    Time zones are nuts… and it’s time to put the entire country on the same time. Here is my idea: Have ET move back 90 minutes, CT move back 30 minutes, MT move up 30 minutes, and PT move up 90 minutes. That would make the current local time EVERYWHERE in the US 7:15am instead of 8:45, 7:45, 6:45 and 5:45. So… do you like it???

    • emilybucci says:

      In theory, it is really nice, James… but I’m not sure if the West Coast would appreciate starting out their day with 2 hours of darkness. What do you think??

  3. Haven says:

    I have always wondered this, about why things are always listed in our time zone. Didn’t realize this time zone has half of the US population! Thanks for bringing such clarity to my confusion. 🙂

  4. Handsome Boyfriend says:

    Perhaps you should write a post on the state in the picture at the top that doesn’t have a color shading corresponding to a particular time zone. 😉

  5. Kim says:

    you are so funny.

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