Coworkers Gone Geographical

Many of my friends and family have gotten on board with my interest in state geography, but one group stands out among the rest: my coworkers. It was amidst a lunch-time conversation one day that they discovered my passion and encouraged me to blog about it! Thanks, cube friends!

In the 8 months since I started blogging, my friends at work consistently read,  give me ideas, and tell me about their border crossings. It’s about time that I dedicate a blog to their enthusiasm.

Carowinds: I have worked with Will for about a year now. Last week, he went to Carowinds and sent me this photo. If you look closely, you can see that he is partially in North Carolina and partially in South Carolina. A border dream come true.

The remarkable thing about Carowinds is that it was built right on the NC-SC border, and it is clearly marked so as to allow visitors to stand in both states simultaneously. Of course this is just speculation, but I think that the person who masterminded this theme park must have been a closet border lover.

Thanks for the photo, Will!

Flora-Bama: On her very first day with my company,  a new coworker told me about this gem: a beach bar located on the Florida-Alabama border line.  It is the home of the Annual Interstate Mullet Toss,  “an event where individuals compete on the beach throwing a mullet from a 10 foot circle in Florida across the state line into Alabama.” Wow! That holds the record for the first cross-border game I’ve heard about!

Karen drove to Oklahoma and blogged about it. Wendy rode along with a friend across the entire country on our holiday break and dazzled me with stories upon her return! Our video team sent me pictures of state signs as they traveled to Pittsburgh last month.

Although 49 of my 52 weeks a year are spent in my office, my coworkers’ energy and adventures keep me entertained year-round.

[A special note to my friends at work: this is a challenge to take more journeys to obscure places. There is always room for Coworkers Gone Geographical II, III, and IV. Think about it.]

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  1. Holy state border, Batman! I’m famous now! 😉

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