The anticipation is over, my friends. I know you have all been on the edge of your seats for the past 22 days waiting to hear which mystery state I visited.

I returned Sunday night from… OKLAHOMA!!!!!

I spent a long weekend with the family of my handsome boyfriend in Edmond, Oklahoma. Edmond is north of Oklahoma City (and just under 6 hours east of Texhoma, OK).

Now let’s get to the interesting part: borders. Since we flew into Oklahoma City, we didn’t have the privilege of driving across any borders (bummer), but Oklahoma is interesting nonetheless.

Oklahoma’s northern border with Kansas is made up by the 37th parallel north. Other landmarks on the parallel include Bowling Green, KY, and Newport News, VA. Oh yes, and the Four Corners. The western border of the state is made up by the 103rd meridian west, which joins Oklahoma with New Mexico. Oklahoma’s southern border with Texas is created in part by the Red River.

That’s enough about that. Let’s talk about other Oklahoma excitingness.

  1. It is the home of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. I thought it was going to be super cheesy, but it was surprisingly classy!
  2. It is the absolute windiest place I have ever been in my life. Perhaps due to a nearby tornado the first night we landed. Ironically, I ended up missing much worse tornados in Raleigh while I was in Tornado Alley.
  3. Oklahoma is one of only two states with capital cities that have names that include the state’s name. Can you think of the other state??
  4. It is the home state of Carrie Underwood, one of my favorite singers, but she ain’t in Checotah anymore.

I’m grateful for such an awesome weekend with an incredible family in a brand-new state! It’s looking like I might get to visit two more new states this summer… but you’ll just have to stay tuned for that!

And in case you were wondering, it is illegal to wear your boots to bed in Oklahoma.

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6 Responses to OKLAHOMA!

  1. Cat Miller says:

    So stoked that Newport News got a shout out on your totally radical blog!

  2. Will says:

    Damn, I really wanted to wear my boots to bed in the unlikely event I ever make it to Oklahoma.

    P.S. bout time you updated 😛

  3. Wesley Sommer says:

    I’m from Newport News! Holla 757!

  4. Danielle says:

    Indianapolis, Indiana!!!!! Props to the Hoosiers!

  5. Karen says:


    Be glad you didn’t visit Lawton. You would have been horrified. 🙂

  6. lida says:

    interesting trivia, emily!! i expected nothing less from you!
    and i like how you and Handsome Boyfriend are not even looking in the same angle…. maybe you’re looking at the prairie and he’s looking at a hawk in the sky? 🙂

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