Random Musings about the ACC

As a graduate of a basketball dynasty like UNC-Chapel Hill, this time of year is a little bit more magical for me. I’ll never forget the electricity across campus on the day of a big game or the black cloud that seemingly settled over Chapel Hill after a loss.

I’m much less emotionally invested now than I was as a student (the current seniors were freshman when I graduated!), but I’ll always have a soft spot for Roy’s Boys… no matter how old I get or how many cats I acquire.

The ACC Tournament started today at noon. The Heels don’t play until tomorrow, but, nonetheless, I’m excited for March Madness to begin.

Naturally, as I think about the Atlantic Coast Conference, I think about the states that make up the ACC schools and if those states touch. Yes, a completely natural thought process.

As for states and number of schools in each, we have: Florida (2), Georgia (1), South Carolina (1), North Carolina (4), Virginia (2), Maryland (1), and Massachusetts (1). Most of these make complete sense. From Florida up to Maryland, these states consecutively touch.

So, what’s the deal with Boston College? Why not induct the Delaware Blue Hens (my dad’s alma mater) into our conference? Or West Virginia? At least then we would stick with the consecutively touching states trend.

Maybe that just wasn’t a top priority on the list of determining factors. What a shame.

So why was Boston College inducted into the ACC? Here are a few reasons that I found: 1) BC was a good fit academically, 2) the school had solid basketball and football programs, and 3) it would add another east coast TV market. I’m sorry, but these reasons don’t excite me at all.

Anyway, here’s to the ACC! GO HEELS!!!

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One Response to Random Musings about the ACC

  1. Will says:

    Oh Emily, I love your blog 🙂

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