Sneaky Georgia

I have a confession: I didn’t know that Georgia touched North Carolina.

How long have I lived in NC, you ask? 24 years and 5 months.

Did I pay attention in Mr. Grant’s 4th grade class when we made an edible North Carolina, you ask? I thought so, but perhaps I was too focused on the Hershey Kiss mountains to think beyond my state’s borders.

I’ve realized that my assumptions are based on experience. When I drove through Georgia to go to New Orleans, we took I-85 S through South Carolina first. When I drove through Georgia to go to Florida, we took I-95 S through South Carolina first.  I have never thought about the fact that Georgia might actually touch NC in the far western corner.  Sneaky Georgia.

I love surprises.

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9 Responses to Sneaky Georgia

  1. nikki says:

    you. are. stinkin. cute.

  2. Sue says:

    I was thinking you should also do a blog on how often/in what order a cat cleans itself!! 🙂

  3. Logan Meier says:

    Perhaps you should start a campaign to promote the awareness Georgia’s adjacency to North Carolina among 4th graders across the state. I would start with Mr. Grant’s class. We cannot allow another student to fall through the Hershey Kiss cracks.

  4. Emily S says:

    love it!!!

  5. Your Sister Melissa says:

    didn’t you have a crush on Mr. Grant?

  6. Will says:

    Yeah, I didn’t realize that, either. I thought you had to go through SC first.

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