States That Touch?

I love when states touch.

It is a peculiar thing to get excited about, but I can’t help it. I grew up in the very center of North Carolina, one hour from Virginia, two hours from the Atlantic Ocean, two hours from South Carolina, and five hours from Tennessee. Not much border excitement to be found.

About six weeks ago, I was in Paducah, KY for a wedding, and the weather map came up on the news. I was shocked and delighted to discover how CLOSE I was to so many states at the same time: Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. It never occurred to me that all of these states were so close together. It was a beautiful moment (especially since I realized I was a mere 2 hours and 2o minutes from the hometown of Tyler Hansbrough).

A passion was uncovered in that moment. I’ve always had a particular affinity for maps and geography, but this was a new and exciting frontier.

You might think my enthusiasm on this topic is nuts, but I hope you will join me in my adventure discovering states that touch.

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22 Responses to States That Touch?

  1. i heart this AND i heart Paducah Ky.

  2. Jill Harris says:

    Yay for geography!

  3. Logan says:

    Seriously, you have FAR too much time on your hands.

  4. I can’t wait for the next installment!!

  5. Emmanuelle says:

    Actually, I share the same passion. lol. We go to Ca and Nv a lot, and I’m planning trips to Ut, Co and Nm because they all touch Az. And I do love maps. I used to do the same thing when we were living in Ga.

    • emilybucci says:

      YES Emmanuelle! That is awesome. Did you know Missouri touches EIGHT states!? I think that’s the record… but I haven’t done extensive research, yet. Glad you share this quirk!

      • Emmanuelle says:

        EIGHT states! Impressive! I come from Europe and used to travel a lot. So I love states that touch because that gives a lot of borders to cross! lol. Feels more like traveling. Especially since there are a lot of regional cultural differences.

  6. Melissa says:

    are you my sister?

  7. Cat Miller says:

    Bucci, I totally understand your excitement. I love geography. When I was in the 4th grade, I was on the Geography Quiz Bowl team at school. We didn’t win any trophies, but we won the ultimate prize…..knowledge of the world around us.

  8. Bethany says:

    this is completely and utterly ridiculous. AND i agree with logan.

    but the fact that you would do this is EXACTLY why i love you so much.

  9. Heather says:

    Looking at this is way more fun than what I should be doing right now…

  10. Heather says:

    So what state are we going to next? How many states does the state that we’re visiting next touch? Please send this to LaShun…thanks.

    • emilybucci says:

      HD. Don’t worry, I already investigated and NYC doesn’t actually touch any other states. If we take a boat ride, we can pass into New Jersey, but that’s just not as exciting to me. What do you think?

  11. Will says:

    Oh Emily, I ❤ working with you. You do make the days more enjoyable and are good for a smile 🙂

    So when are you adding the next installment?

  12. Zack b says:

    I like your rhyming last sentence Bucci

  13. charlene says:

    so when i first heard the name of your blog (after i learned that you weren’t sending me a virus! haha), i was trying to figure out why you called it “states that touch” and how that is a metaphor for life or something. i am delightfully relieved to see that this is quite literally about states that touch. i ❤ you! looking forward to returning regularly.

    • lida says:

      although, it would be equally emily-like to relate this to life. looking forward to you maybe having touching-states=life metaphors in the future, emily 😉
      p.s. you’re so quirky! i love it =)

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